Material: The two-in-one foldable ice bucket is made of silicone, durable and resistant to high and low temperatures. The bucket can be used to freeze ice cubes or put drinks in it.
Usage: In summer, you can fill the ice bucket with water, put it into the frozen layer, take it out, squeeze the ice out, you can put your favorite drink, or pour the ice into the cup and then add the drink to enjoy.
Large Capacity: The capacity of the ice bucket can easily meet the drinking water needs of the whole family. Perfect for friends parties, camnd traveling.
Versatile: Ice buckets can also be used as wine barrels, buckets, jars, bottles, and water tanks. It can also be used for beer and wine refrigeration.

Material: Silicone
Color: Yellow
Size: 21x21cm
Quantity: 1 pcs