Easy To Demold: This ice cube tray is made of plastic, and it is easier to demold round ice cubes than silicone ice cube molds. After taking the mold out of the refrigerator, just twist the ice cube tray and turn the ice cube tray upside down, and you can easily get perfect round ice cubes!
Easy To Use: The mold consists of a tray and a lid with small holes. Just pour about 380ml of liquid and close the lid. Freeze for 4 hours, you can get 37 spherical hockey pucks (2 trays can produce 74 hockey pucks at a time)
Food-Grade Safe Materials: Our ice trays are made of high-quality food-grade materials. It does not contain BPA, has no peculiar smell, is non-toxic, safe and durable.
Beautiful Shape: Our ice cubes are uniquely designed, and each round puck is a regular and perfect circle.
Wide Range Of Applications: very suitable for whiskey, cocktails, coffee, macerated fruit or vanilla. Try to infuse the perfect mojito with mint or the delicious lemonade with strawberries

Material: Silicone
Color: Light Blue
Size: 21x21x3 cm
Quantity: 1 pcs